What’s the Rhyme? Sorting Houses
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Explore rhyming hands-on as children match illustrated pieces to colourful houses. Great for isolating initial phonemes and early sound discrimination. Includes 10 pre-assembled houses and 50 sorting pieces.

Reasons to Love:

• Visually attractive and well made, the children will love the individual houses where they can post the rhyming words

• The houses have a list of rhyming words on the back, so the children can self-check to see if they got it right

• Can be used in Continuous Provision as an independent reading task – the pictures will support the children if they struggle with the word

• Includes phonemes from all phases, so can be used across FS and Year 1

• Make it easier or harder by decreasing or increasing the number of houses the children work with

• Good for decoding single words, and listening to the sound of the whole word to match the rhyme

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