Phase 3 Flash Cards
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Practise phase 3 phonics with these cards. Supplied in a boxed set with dividers, these double-sided cards show the words on one side and sound ‘buttons’ on the other representing individual phonemes. Use for playing countdown, seeing how many cards you can read against the clock, or for word building using magnetic letters. Ideal for demonstrating segmentation and blending. Contains 292 double-sided cards.

Size: 135 × 60mm.

Reasons to Love:

• Aligned with Letters and sounds, these flashcards are useful for teaching blending and segmenting

• They are arranged in teaching order, so teachers can easily choose the set of words which matches the teaching focus.

• They are double sided: one side has sound buttons for sounding out then blending back, the other side has no sound buttons, so when the children are more confident, they can sound out and blend back without the visual aid.

• They can be used as a teaching aid, for display or to play speed reading games during the revisit and review part of the lesson.

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