Money Lotto
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This fantastic resource is designed to help children recognise notes, coins and their values in a fun context. Using beautifully photographed images of money and everyday objects, they will learn how to match money with its equivalent numeric value and convert pounds and pence into pence only, as well as practising adding up the prices of objects, tickets and stamps, and calculating change. Ideal for children aged 4 + and older children with special needs. Each board has 9 appealing images of notes, coins and a range of items familiar to children. Players add up the price of the objects or the money shown on the board square, and match this to cards on which the equivalent value is shown. This engaging game focuses on all coins and notes up to £20. Contains 4 playing boards (205 × 205 mm), 36 cards and teacher’s notes.

• Curriculum Links

• Challenge and check

• Key topics in new KS1 curriculum

• Self-help activities

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