Safescan 2685 Banknote Counting Machine Pound and Euro Adjustable 800-1500 Notes/min 6.5kg
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Value-counting and checking unsorted euro banknotes in seconds. With a detailed breakdown report of the count results. With 6-fold counterfeit detection (passed the ECD tests); safescan 2665 gives maximum protection against counterfeit notes.
100% counterfeit detection (,
100% tested by Bank of England and ECB
220 note stacker capacity
6 point counterfeir detction for GBP and EUR
Adjustable counting speed: 800, 1,200 and 1,500 bills per minute
Automatically print your complete results to the optional Safescan TP-230 thermal printer, or export them to the optional Safescan MCS software
Automatically value-count mixed notes in seven currencies, rapidly and reliably counts sorted bills in any currency, including unsorted notes in EUR, GBP, CHF, SEK, NOK, DKK or PLN, as well as custom coupons and vouchers
CE Certified
Continuous feeding for optimal efficiency, with a front-loading hopper it is possible to add notes while it runs for continuous counting
Counting/Sorting/Batching Mixed denomination Banknotes
Easy to use large, clear LCD display screen
Install software updates by using the USB port or Micro SD slot on the back of the device
Large hopper capacity of 500 notes for high capacity counting
Large hopper carries 300 notes at a time and counts at 1500 notes/min
Optimise your cash-counting workflow by using the 'add' feature to keep track of the total note count across individual runs, with 'batch' feature allowing you to set desired amount of notes
SD card slot and USB port for currency updates when new banknotes issued
Seven point counterfeit detection technology provides: ultraviolet ink, magnetic ink, infrared, metallic thread, colour, size and thickness, so with certainty you will know each note is genuine
Three year manufacturer warranty
USB port connection enabling an export of the count results to PC or Micro SD
Value totals in GBP, EUR, CHF, PLN, SEK, NOK, DKK currencies
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