Science Investigation Kit
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This superb educational resource pack links with QCA Science and can be used to investigate different areas of the curriculum. Broadens your knowledge in:

• Magnetism

• Stretching Forces

• Rocks

• Solids and liquids

• What happens when solids are heated

• Separating mixtures

• Mixing materials

• Changing materials

• Melting

Supplied with well written, photocopiable teacher's notes and worksheets, in a deep storage tray with lid. The pack is ideal for group or individual work.

Reasons To Love

• A great, investigative way to teach about the properties and changes of materials- ideal for UKS2 but useful throughout the school

• Easily set up experiments to test the properties of everyday materials, such as their strength and their response to magnets

• Investigate reversible and non-reversible changes and how to separate mixtures, alongside a whole lot more

• This set can be used to enhance the teaching of the scientific methods, processes and skills which are part of Working Ideal for non-science specialists

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